SEP 152 reproducibility testing score sheet


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code ER figs can CR Fig Flows Makefile CR figs can
Papers: Filename compiles be rebuilt present Clarity be rebuilt note
Paper1 jon P P - P -
Paper2 mandy1 P - P P -
Paper3 stew2 - - P P -
Paper4 biondo1
Paper5 ali1
Paper6 xukai1 P P P - -
Paper7 musa1
Paper8 taylor1 P - P P P
Paper9 adam1 P - P P P
Paper1 yang1 P P P P -
Paper11 guillaume P - P P P
Paper12 chris1 P - P P P
Paper13 chris2 - - - P -
Paper14 daniel P P - P P
Paper15 eileen1 P P P P P
Paper16 mandy2 P - P P -
Paper17 musa3
Paper18 stew3 - - P - -
Paper19 gcalves P P - P -
Paper20 ohad1 P P - P -
Paper21 jason1 P P P P P
Paper22 taylor2 P - P P -
Paper23 elita1 P P P P -
Paper24 elita2 P P P - -
Paper25 huyle P P P P P
Paper26 musa2
Paper27 yishen1 P P P P -
Paper28 bob1 - - - - -
Paper29 eileen2 - - - - -
Paper30 stew1 - - - - -
Paper31 musa4

P: Pass; F: Fail; -: Non-applicable

Paper Titles

Paper1: Jon Claerbout “Automatic default for hyperbolic softclip”

Paper2: Mandy Wong, Biondo Biondi, and Shuki Ronen “Shot-dependent angle-domain noise filtering in RTM”

Paper3: Stewart A. Levin and Fritz Foss “Downward continuation of Mars SHARAD data”

Paper4: Biondo Biondi and Ali Almomin “Efficient and robust waveform-inversion workflow: tomographic FWI followed by FWI”

Paper5: Ali Almomin, Biondo Biondi “Preconditioned tomographic full waveform inversion by wavelength continuation”

Paper6: Xukai Shen “Revisiting absolute amplitude matching in waveform inversion”

Paper7: Musa Maharramov and Biondo Biondi “Joint full-waveform inversion of time-lapse seismic data sets”

Paper8: Taylor Dahlke “Shape optimization using the FWI objective function for salt body segmentation”

Paper9: Adam Halpert “Efficient velocity model evaluation with multiple shots”

Paper10: Yang Zhang and Biondo Biondi “Residual-moveout-based WEMVA: a WAZ field data example”

Paper11: Guillaume Barnier and Robert Clapp “Multiple realizations of equiprobable velocity fields using sequential Gaussian simulation”

Paper12: Chris Leader and Biondo Biondi “Demigration and image space separation of simultaneously acquired data”

Paper13: Chris Leader and Robert Clapp “Phase-encoded inversion with randomised sampling”

Paper14: Daniel Blatter and Chris Leader “Simultaneous Source Deblending as a Sequency of Coherency Pass Filters”

Paper15: Eileen Martin “Compression for effective memory bandwidth use in forward modeling”

Paper16: Mandy Wong and Antoine Guitton “Preliminary results of iterative migration with the hybrid penalty function”

Paper17: Musa Maharramov “Monitoring of cyclic steam stimulation by inversion of surface tilt measurements”

Paper18: Stewart A. Levin “What Bayes sayes”

Paper19: Gustavo Alves and Biondo Biondi “High order elastic finite differences modeling”

Paper20: Ohad Barak, Priyank Jaiswal, Sjoerd de Ridder, John Giles, and Shuki Ronen “Six-component seismic land data acquired with geophones and rotation sensors: wave-mode separation using 6C SVD”

Paper21: Jason P. Chang, Sjoerd de Ridder, Nori Nakata, and Biondo Biondi “High-frequency surface and body waves from ambient noise cross-correlations at Long Beach, CA”

Paper22: Taylor Dahlke, Gregory Beroza, Jason Chang, and Sjoerd de Ridder “Stochastic variability of velocity estimates using eikonal tomography on the Long Beach data set”

Paper23: Yunyue (Elita) Li, Robert Clapp, Biondi Biondo, and Dave Nichols “Rock physics constrained anisotropic WEMVA: Part I - Theory and Synthetic test”

Paper24: Yunyue (Elita) Li, Robert Clapp, Biondi Biondo, and Dave Nichols “Rock physics constrained anisotropic WEMVA: Part II - Field data test”

Paper25: Huy Le, Stewart A. Levin, Robert G. Clapp, and Biondo Biondi “Removing shear artifacts in acoustic anisotropic wave propagation”

Paper26: Musa Maharramov “Fast artifact-free pseudo-acoustic modeling of wave-propagation in anisotropic media with spectral and finite difference methods”

Paper27: Yi Shen “Wave-equation migration Q analysis (WEMQA) from Angle-Domain Common Image Gather (ADCIG)”

Paper28: Robert G. Clapp “HTML5 and interactive visualization”

Paper29: Eileen Martin, Robert G. Clapp, Huy Le, Chris Leader, and Dave Nichols “SEPVector: a C++ inversion library”

Paper30: Stewart A. Levin “SEG2 to MATLAB file converter”

Paper31: Musa Maharramov “CESLib: an object library for building scalable inversion applications”

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