Round Two - ALL Papers for Proofreading


Proofreader list 1/THREE (3) papers each: Biondo, Bob, Stew, Jason, Taylor, Eileen, Guillaume, Joseph, Fantine, Ettore
Proofreader list 2/THREE (3) papers each: Yinbin, Alejandro, Stuart, Rahul, Siyuan, Huy, Rustam, Miguel

Proofreader Proofreader
Author: (List 1) (List 2)
alejadro1 Guillaume Yinbin
arustam1 Ettore Stuart
arustam2 FantineAlejandro
bob1 Fantine Miguel
eileen1 Rahul Siyuan
ettore1 Joseph Stuart
fantine1 Jason Stuart
fantine2 Bob Siyuan
fantine3 Biondo Yinbin
farris1 Ettore Rustam
farris2 Jason Siyuan
guillaume1 Rahul Rustam
huyle1 Joseph Alejandro
huyle2 bob Miguel
joseph1 Taylor Alejandro
joseph2 Jason Miguel
joseph3 Rahul Huy
meferrer1 Taylor Yinbin
rahul1 Ettore Guillaume
siyuan1 Joseph Huy
stew1 Bob Eileen
taylor1 Guillaume Yinbin
yinbin1 Taylor Huy
yinbin2 Fantine Rustam

alejadro1 Improving reflectivity using linearized waveform inversion with velocity updating
arustam1 Surface waves in vertically heterogeneous medium
arustam2 Adaptive prediction error filters
bob1 Synthetic model building for training neural networks in a Jupyter notebook
eileen1 Eighteen Months of DAS Monitoring
ettore1 Target-oriented elastic full-waveform inversion through extended-migration redatuming
fantine1 Automated ambient noise processing applied to fiber optic seismic acquisition (DAS)
fantine2 Jump-starting neural network training for seismic problems
fantine3 Stratigraphic sequence estimation from seismic traces using convolutional neural networks
farris1 Velocity Estimation with Alternating Gradiometry and Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion
farris2 Comparing Deep Neural Network and Full Waveform Invserion Velocity Estimation
guillaume1 Full waveform inversion by model extension
huyle1 Anisotropic velocity model building: A 2D field data example
huyle2 Multi-parameter waveform inversion on GPUs: A pipeline approach
joseph1 Multicomponent deblending of marine data using a pattern-based approach
joseph2 Combining direct imaging of blended data and data-space deblending using a pattern-based approach
joseph3 Multiparameter FWI with a SBP-SAT discretization of the first order acoustic wave equation
meferrer1 Minimizing wave propagation dispersion by optimal parameter search in mimetic finite differences
rahul1 Frequency domain tomographic full waveform inversion
siyuan1 Plane-wave extraction from Stanford DAS array: adjoint and inverse
stew1 Snell tomography using quantum annealing
taylor1 GOM model inversion synthetic run-through
yinbin1 Toward time-lapse study of anisotropic parameters over the Genesis field
yinbin2 Time-lapse FWI with non-local shaping regularization: toward integrated reservoir monitoring

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