Papers for Proofreading - Round One

Proofreader list #1: Biondo, Bob, Jon, Stew

Proofreader list #2: Taylor, Ettore, Guillaume, Huy, Yinbin

Author: Filename: List 1: List 2:
Alejandro1 alejandro1 Biondo Huy
Rustam1 arustam1 Stew
Rustam2 arustam2Stew
Rahul1 rahul1 Ettore
Siyuan1 siyuan1 Stew Yinbin
Miguel1 mferrer1 Stew Taylor

alejandro1 Improving reflectivity using linearized waveform inversion with velocity updating
arustam1 Surface waves in vertically heterogeneous medium
arustam2 Adaptive prediction error filters
rahul1 Frequency domain tomographic full waveform inversion
siyuan1 Plane-wave extraction from Stanford DAS data: adjoint and inverse
mferrer1 Minimizing wave propagation dispersion by optimal parameter search in mimetic finite differences.
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