Instruction for creating a local SEP book

Created by Ali Almomin , 4/28/2014

You can create your personal SEP book locally which allows you to see how your paper will appear when the official SEP report is created. Follow the following steps:

  • Make a copy of the directory /wrk/sep158template in your local directory. For example:
  • cp -r /wrk/sep158template ~/my158report
  • ~/my158report is your local book directory. Your paper directory is ~/my158report/mypaper
  • Put your paper content (paper.tex, ref.bib, Fig, etc.) in ~/my158report/mypaper
  • While in the local book directory, run the scons command. For example:
  • cd ~/my158report; scons
  • You local book will be created as ~/my158report/book.pdf
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