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 =====Using Git===== =====Using Git=====
 +* Git is a useful but quite a complex tool. This instructions do not pretend to be more than 1% exhaustive. Some people claim that, after 5 or more years using git they do not get a full grasp (do not look at me; I have spend a little bit less than two years!) Internet is your friend, so look there for answers when requiring something more complex than what I present in this tutorial (or make an appointment with Bob).
 ==== 1. Creating a Git repository==== ==== 1. Creating a Git repository====
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 ====  5. Push to remote repository==== ====  5. Push to remote repository====
-  * The final step is to push the local repository to the server.+  * The final step is to push the local repository to the server. Simply type 
 +         git push
 +  * If you get no error message, congratulations! Your commits went to the remote repository.
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