Newcomer's guide to SEP resources

Only someone who is a superuser can create a new account. Good examples of these all-powerful beings are currently Yaxun, Gboyega, Ohad and Bob. Here's the procedure:

Become root on oas

  1. Look in /etc/passwd, and select a unique user ID for the new user. It's easiest to select the highest user ID number in the file, and then just add 1.
  2. Select a group name for the new user. If this is a new SEP student, then use the sep group name. If the student is from another group but is participating in one of our classes, then use the class group ID.
  3. Run the following command: useradd -u <user_id> -g <group_name> -s /bin/tcsh -m -d /homes/sep/<username> -c “first and last name” <username>
  4. passwd <username>
  5. Run the following command: gpasswd -a <username> <group_name> to add the new username to the list of users of the group to which it belongs
  6. cd /var/yp
  7. make (this will update the NIS user database)
  8. Log in as the new user (ssh newusername@vostok)
  9. cd /usr/local/share/setup/skel
  10. ./install_setup
  11. cd ~
  12. /usr/local/share/setup/skel/machine_dep
  13. log out and back in as new user again, everything should be set.

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