MAC Software

We need to know the number of licenses we need for MAC softwares. So, please fill the following table. Also, please go ahead and register your AppleCare Protection Plan online and forward the proof to Diane Lau.

  • iWork: Including Keynote, Pages, Spreadsheets (Visit here for more info).
  • MS-Office: Including Keynote, Pages, Numbers (Visit here for more info).
  • Parallel Desktop: To run Windows, Linux and more side-by-side on Mac OS X without rebooting (Visit here for more info.

Students iWork Office Parallel Desktop(Windows) AppleCare
Yaxun Tang X X X X
Gboyega Ayeni X X X X
Claudio Cardoso X X X X
Adam Halpert X X
Xukai Shen X X
Sjoerd de Ridder X X X X
Mohammad Maysami X X X X
Mandy Wong X X
Elita Li X X X
Biondo Biondi X X
Abdullah Al Theyab


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