List By Job

Job Refer to
Back-up and back-up scripts Alejandro
Data Library Siyuan
Linux Servers Taylor, Stuart
GPU Servers Ettore, Huy
Matlab & Mathematica Rahul, Eileen
Odd jobs Rustam
Reproducibility Huy, Joe (docker)
SEPLIB Bob, Fantine
SEPlib bugs Fantine, Guillaume
SEPlib doc Eileen, Fantine
Setup Bob
SysAdmin Taylor, Stuart
TeX Jason, Yinbin
WWW Miguel, Fantine, Bob
Software Distribution Ettore, Bob

Job Descriptions

Job Weight Description Resources
Setup 2 Maintain SEP stup (scripts,modules,etc …) Resources: Bob
Odd jobs 2 Be responsible for Air Conditioning, Maintain laser printer, Maintain LCD projector Resources:Liliane, Claudia, Biondo
Matlab 2.5 Maintain
Linux Clusters 8 Setup and Maintain Resources:Bob, Dennis
Linux Servers 8 Maintain, Update when brought back Resources:Bob
GPU Servers 6 Install and Mantain Resources: Bob
Reproducibility 6+2 Enforce “individual” reproducibility. Work on long-term reproducibility plan. Plus RSF
Data Library 5 Maintain our data library on Gluster, including making sure the file system is properly maintained Resources:Bob, Biondo
SEPLIB 4 General maintenance of SEPLIB, including distribution Resources: Biondo
SEPlib bugs 6 Fix bugs in SEPlib main programs
SEPlib doc 6 Write and maintain SEPlib documentation
Back-up & back-up scripts 6 Organize and perform ALL back-ups Back-up personal devices after reports, Back-up report before reports, Update back-ups scripts Resources:Bob
WWW 6 Maintenance WWW server, and SEPWWW Resources:Bob
TeX 6 Report building and maintanance of TEX Resources: Bob
System Admin & Gluste 8 Keep running SEP servers (koko, lost cities, and, moods) and disk arrays. Keep the system secure. Keep Gluster running Resources: Bob

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