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==== Announcements ==== ==== Announcements ====
-* 2016 SEP affiliate meeting at Furnace Creek, Death Valley, Ca. April 11-14 (**[[sep:meetings:meeting_16 |meeting agenda]]** and **[[sep:meetings:meeting_people_16 |attendance list]]**)+ 
-* Ali Almomin thesis [[sep:research:thesis:ali|presentation]]+* 2018 SEP affiliate meeting will take place in Santa Cruz, California, on May 21-24, 2018. 
 +* 2017 SEP affiliate meeting agenda which took place at Galveston, Texas (**[[sep:meetings:meeting_17 |meeting agenda]]**.)
* Our new affiliates [[https://earth.stanford.edu/sep | web page]] is now live * Our new affiliates [[https://earth.stanford.edu/sep | web page]] is now live
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