GP242 - Near Surface Geophysical Imaging

Course Facts

Lectures: MWF 1:15-2:15 PM in Mitchell 452
Instructor: Dr. Jie Zhang, Professor and Director of Geophysical Research Institute, USTC
1 unit, CR/NC option syllabus.pdf

Optional Lab session

Lab Instruction: Friday (April 15th) at 10am Mitchell 452
Room: Mitchell 452
Optional: no credit

Course Handouts

Date Description Handout
Apr 4th Introduction class1.pdf
Apr 6th Land and Shallow Marine Near-surface Problems class2.pdf
Apr 8th Refraction traveltime interpretation; Guest speaker: Oz Yilmaz class3.pdf
Apr 11th First-arrival traveltime tomography class4.pdf
Apr 13th Refraction Migration Methods class5.pdf
Apr 15th Early Arrival Waveform Tomography class6.pdf
Apr 18th Dispersion-Curve Inversion Methods class7.pdf
Apr 20th Joint Geophysical Inversions class8.pdf
Apr 22th Short-Wavelength Residual Statics Corrections class9.pdf
Apr 25th Beyond Seismic Static Corrections class10.pdf

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Earth Sciences

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