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GP211 - Labs

Homework Resources
Program Documentation: Many of the assignments use Sergey Fomel's Fortran90 inversion library. Short explanations are provided for all main programs.
SEP I/O module: Sergey Fomel has written a Fortran90 Input/Output (I/O) module which allows you to conveniently read, write, and manipulate SEP-format datafiles.
Fortran90 FAQ: Although you are not expected to be an expert programmer, you will modify Fortran90 programs in nearly all assignments. If you have programming questions, contact the TA, or better yet, persue this list of Frequently Asked F90 Questions.
Assignment List
all the code from the book, and subroutines you will link to in some of your programs are available in ~prof/gee/Src and ~prof/gee/Ops. I suggest setting up some links when you're working on the labs.
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