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GP210 - Basic Earth Imaging

Course Facts

Lectures: MWF 10:00-10:50 AM in Mitchell 452
Instructor: Jon F. Claerbout and Bob Clapp
Teaching Assistant: Yang Zhang
3-4 units, graded or CR/NC option
7 or 8 computer-based homework assignments
Online .pdf version of BEI textbook. HTML version of BEI textbook Although Jon will hand out a book on the first day of class, you may prefer to review the text through your web browser.
Homework assignments You will be given roughly 7 or 8 hands-on homework assignments throughout the quarter. Although you are not expected to be an expert programmer, most of the labs require modification of Fortran code. If you run into trouble, ask the TA, or refer to this Fortran77 page.
Class Slides You can find presentation slides of the classes taught by Bob Clapp
Make Help This web site will help you to better understand Make and Makefiles. For a more specific understanding of the SEP environment, type SEPMAN in the command line to get the SEP manual.

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Earth Sciences

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