GP210 - Bob Clapp's Slides

Here you find the presentation slides of classes taught by Bob Clapp during the Fall of 2008. Most of them are on subjects covered in the textbook but with lots of different diagrams to help understanding. Two additional presentations introduce subjects covered in 3D-Seismic Imaging taught by Prof.Biondo Biondi, during the Spring quarter.

Presentation Slides
Chapter Description Download
1 You'll be introduced to different acquisition geometries exemplified by some data and stacking charts. Moreover, you'll learn the three dimensions of a 2D dataset and have a detailed description of the program synmarine. chapter1.pdf
2 Forward and adjoint operators and the concept of pushing and pulling are explained, using as example the task of writing a program that downward shifts traces. chapter2.pdf
3 Waves in Strata chapter3.pdf
4 Normal moveout and stacking operators are explained. chapter4.pdf
5 The basic geometry of migrating a dipping reflector is presented. chapter5.pdf
6 Waves and Fourier Sum chapter6.pdf
7 Downward continuation of wavefields is explained and migration of seismic data by downward continuation is introduced with the support of the exploding reflector concept. chapter7.pdf
9 Quick introduction to finite-difference migration. chapter9.pdf
Subjects not covered in the book
Description Download
Here you'll find different subjects ranging from the differences between 2D and 3D seismic to time X depth imaging and Kirchhoff X wave-equation migration. 2dvs3d.pdf
If you are interested on the results of migrating with an inaccurate velocity model, take a look at the examples using Marmousi data. pspi.pdf
Reverse Time Migration rtm.pdf
Introduction to multiples attenuation multiple.pdf
Here are two papers explaining the computation of angle-domain common image gathers (ADCIGs) and prestack migration using DSR equation plus split-step correction (DSR plus split-step).
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