Affiliate Companies for 2019-2020

We appreciate the support of the following companies (updated 8/31/15):

Becoming an SEP Affiliate Member

Membership in the Stanford Exploration Project is open to any company and research organization in exchange for an annual membership fee of $49,000 per year. An initiation fee of $49,000 for first-time members may be waived at the discretion of the SEP director. An Industrial Affiliate Agreement is signed by the affiliate company and Stanford University. The Affiliate Agreement is substantially the same for all members.

Program Benefits:

  • Invitations to annual meetings and workshops
  • Faculty liaison
  • Student recruitment opportunities
  • Copies of reports, PhD theses, and research results
  • Campus visits

SEP affiliate companies may decide to provide additional funding to SEP to support an area of on-going research of particular interest. All research results arising from the use of this additional funding will be shared with all program members and the general public.

If you are interested in more details about SEP membership, please contact Biondo Biondi and read "Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Memberships".

List of valid affiliate company domains

These domains are valid as of 12/2013 and do not require a password to access the most recent SEP reports. If you would like to be included on this list, email Claudia Baroni.

If your company is not a SEP affiliate member but have an interest in accessing a specific report, please contact Biondo Biondi.

Company Domain(s)
BP 149.179.84.
ConocoPhillips .conoco.net138.32.80.20
Eni 151.96.
ExxonMobil .exxonmobil 192.83.106. 192.67.48. 158.35.225.
Hess 38.113.135.
ION-GXT 204.27.213. .iogxt.ioroot.tld 82.161.153.
PGS 157.147. 65.218.50. 65.120.48. 216.227.250.
Repsol 216.227.244.
Saudi Aramco 198.36.
TGS-NOPEC 192.160.56. 209.113.69. 205.196.179.
WesternGeco Schlumberger

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