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plugins can only be installed by wiki admins. For a list of plugins see dokuwiki plugins


   Same alignment rules as media
   {{youtube>link:CODE}} \\
   {{youtube>small:CODE}} \\

<aviewer (max-width) (max-height) (left/right/noalign)>
...Image list or namespaces of image files.



Text & Boxes

Align Left:  
  This would be aligned left.
Align Right:
   This is aligned right.
Align Center:
  This is aligned center.

  • boxes: Generating fancy colored text boxes
  <box width classes colours | title text> contents text </box> 

  • Note : Enable “Allow embedded HTML” from

configuration setting.

<note> or <note important> or <note tip> or <note warning>
Your notes...

User Interaction



[namespace] The namespace for which you want a discussion thread list; 
            : is the top namespace, 
            . is the same namespace as the page lies in, 
            * the whole wiki.


<poll [id]>

  * [option]
  * [option]
  * ...

Misc./ Admin.



  • iframe: put frames with html content & existing


{{url>someurl [ width , height ] | alternate-text }} 

{{cal>[614,640]|Kite's Test}}



<slideshow 300 230 Slides CCFF99 RIGHT>
  <image url='{{namespace:image.jpg|caption}}'/>
  <link><area url='[[sep:people]]'/></link>
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