Installed Plugins

Plugins can only be installed by wiki admins. For a list of plugins see dokuwiki plugins.


   Same alignment rules as media
   {{youtube>link:CODE}} \\
   {{youtube>small:CODE}} \\

<aviewer (max-width) (max-height) (left/right/noalign)>
...Image list or namespaces of image files.

{{gallery>namespace?showname&reverse&direct&lightbox ...}}



Add ~~SLIDESHOW~~ at the very top of page. 
start your page with a H1 headline. 
Additional slides are created by H2 headlines. 
Adding a horizontal rule finishes the current slide and additional content goes to the “Handout” area (only visible when the slide is printed). 
Footnotes and abbreviation will be ignored on the slide.

Text & Boxes

Align Left:  
  This would be aligned left.
Align Right:
   This is aligned right.
Align Center:
  This is aligned center.

  • boxes: Generating fancy colored text boxes
  <box width classes colours | title text> contents text </box> 

  • Note : Enable “Allow embedded HTML” from

configuration setting.

<note> or <note important> or <note tip> or <note warning>
Your notes...


User Interaction



[namespace] The namespace for which you want a discussion thread list; 
            : is the top namespace, 
            . is the same namespace as the page lies in, 
            * the whole wiki.


<poll [id]>

  * [option]
  * [option]
  * ...

Misc./ Admin.



  • iframe: put frames with html content & existing


{{url>someurl [ width , height ] | alternate-text }} 

{{cal>[614,640]|Kite's Test}}


<slideshow 300 230 Slides CCFF99 RIGHT>
  <image url='{{namespace:image.jpg|caption}}'/>
  <link><area url='[[sep:people]]'/></link>

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