Changes in the release sep91.1

Changes in the release sep92.1

All fortran linkage to C routines is now handled by cfortran.h Most C linkage to fortran routines is now handled by cfortran.h

Added support for HP700 class machines. Renames all makefiles to GNUmakefile to prevent standard make picking them up and getting confused. Rearranged may of the directories into more “sensible” places. Changed the configuration files to be more flexible. Added a csh version of install for machines that don't have bsd style install (removed the “installsep” program). Xtpen has been much improved, it can be used as an animated frame flipping program. Added more pen filters to the default distribution. Sundry bug fixing has taken place over the past year. Made many programs write their output format correctly.

Added an experimental feature to header synchronization, if you specify isinstream=y and isoutstream=y then no header sync will take place and the header will be read a character at a time. This feature enables you to treat SEP header+data streams as a regular unix file (e.g. write them to disk, tape, pass through filters etc.)

Changes in the release sep91.2

Renamed libmath and libutil to libsepmath and libseputil Added socket based syncronisation to seplib so that it works across the network Added possibility of environment variables as leading component of a file name. See the new routine expandnm.c Changed build environment to be more flexible. You don't need to set any environment variables if all the source is kept together. Added some other vplot filters and utilities to the release. See the separate file worklog91.1-91.2 for more details of the changes.

Changes in the release sep93.1

Added support for Cray class machine. (Tested on a Cray-YMP). Added support for X11movie. Fixed bug in sseek to correctly seek for relative positions; consequently fixed Taplot.

Changes in the release sep93.2

Added support for SGI machines (from Stew Levin) Xtpen now has resources that can be used to set default behavior.
Sundry bug fixes. Started absorbing man pages into self doc so that self doc becomes the only documentation (with scripts to make man pages). Added CM5 as a separate machine type because some programs compile differently on the CM5.

Changes in the release sep94.1

I/O on stdin/stdout and auxillary input/output now uses the same code. I/O can be to a file, a pipe or a network socket. The syntax is as follows:
out2=filename in2=filename2 auxin and auxout to files
out2=“| Wiggle | Tube” auxout to a command
in2=“Wavelet flo=5 fhi=10 |” auxin from a command
out2=”:2001” auxout to a socket (it waits)
in2=“spur:2001” auxin from a waiting socket.
stdin=“spur:2001” stdin from a waiting socket.
I/O can now be to the same file as the header:
“Prog >out.H out=stdout” now creates a single file that can be used as input to any seplib program (if linked with this version of the seplib libraries).

All documentation is now in the source files. A script to automatically generate man pages is supplied.

A new routine to cache a piped file is provided “make_unpipe()”. Byte uses this routine so you can now pipe to Byte.

New routines sreed_raw(), srite_raw(), sseek(), ssize() are added. All seplib programs should use:
sreed/srite/srite_raw/sreed_raw/sseek/ssize This is a side effect of the more modular I/O. The retun values from auxin/auxout should only be checked to see if there is an error and not used directly.

Old programs that use reed/rite/lseek/fread etc. should be changed.

All distributed programs now modified to obey these new rules.

Shared libraries supported on SUN-OS, this required the splitting of seplib into a “C” library and a “Fortran “library, libsepf.a. Fortran programs should line with ”-lsepf -lsep”. C programs only need ”-lsep”.

New routine auxinout() opens a tag for input and output. auxin() now opens for input only and auxout() for output only.

Moved all segy and tape related I/O to a new directory ./converters. Added support for AVS and ProMAX converters in this directory.

Full support for CRAY vector machines.

Sundry bug fixes.

Totally new I/O architecture for seplib (./cube/libcube) Multiple I/O types are supported and can be added in a modular fashion. See ./cube/libcube/README_IO for how to add a new I/O type.

Current fully supported types are:
FILE_IO : using buffered I/O from C
FD_IO : using raw I/O from C
TMC_SDA_IO : I/O to a scalable disk array on CM5
Experimental types are:
MULTIFD_IO : I/O to multiple files (with one logical name)

Release 3.0

Rick Ottolini has provied a new version of X11movie that is truly amazing. Much improved controls and display options are available.
New and improved platform support SEP has acquired two new platforms in the past year an SGI Power Challenge and a number of PCs running Linux. Thanks to Martin Karrenbach, Paul Hargrove, and Stew Levin SEP as added support for:

In addition, thanks to Mickael Kern the DecAlpha (ALPHA) platform has been further debugged.

For further information of the level of support of various platforms see the Platform section.

64 Bit file systems In an attempt to look more to the future, SEP has started to add support for 2GB+ file systems. The current release supports 2GB+ on the SGI power challenge (SGI64) and will soon support it on other platforms.

Chevron compression software Chevron has allowed SEP to distribute its decompression library which can compress to ratios of 50-100 with minimal data loss. The current distribution provides the decompression library for SUN4, SGI, SGI32, and HP700 platforms.

Release 3.01

Fixed bug in util90 that stopped automatic installation Numerous typos in the self-documentation were corrected New version of Zero, written in sh rather than csh, for speed New version of Promax to SEP90, and a Readme file explaining installation
Added kirchoff modeling codes (some of which are specific to the CM4)

Release 4.01

Release 4.02

Redhat package manager (rpm) support New install mechanism that should make tracking down errors easier Several bug fixes in both the install mechanism and the software

Release 5.0

Release 5.1

A PARTIAL list of fixes/additions

Release 6.0 A partial list of changes since 5.1

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