Active SEP Alumni

Web “robots” scan the internet for e-mail addresses to forward “spam” e-mail to, so alumni addresses are not explicitly listed. Except where noted, all receive email at

Name E-mail exceptions Thesis
Ray Abma SEP-88
Tariq Alkhalifah
Gabriel Alvarez SEP-130
Brad Artman SEP-128
Arnaud Berlioux
Dimitri Bevc SEP-87
Morgan Brown SEP-116
Nizar Chemingui SEP-101
Marie Clapp SEP-122
Robert Clapp SEP-106
Steve Cole SEP-86
Sean Crawley SEP-104
Carlos Cunha Filho SEP-74
William Curry SEP-135
Joe Dellinger SEP-69
Christine Ecker SEP-96
Sergey Fomel SEP-107
Will Gray deceased SEP-19
Antoine Guitton SEP-121
Seth Haines SEP-119
Dave Hale SEP-36
Bill Harlan SEP-47
Jun Ji SEP-90
Martin Karrenbach SEP-83
Einar Kjartansson SEP-23
Clement Kostov SEP -63
Stewart Levin SEP-54
Jesse Lomask SEP-126
David Lumley SEP-91
Hermes Malcotti
Reinaldo Michelena SEP-76
Carmen Mora
Peter Mora SEP-52
Dave Nichols SEP-81
Rick Ottolini SEP-33
Gopal Palacharla
Alexander M. Popovici SEP-85
James Rickett SEP-109
Shuki Ronen SEP-46
Daniel A. Rosales SEP-127
Dan Rothman SEP-45
Paul Sava SEP-118
Phil Schultz <philschultz AT stanfordalumni DOT org> SEP-9
Matthias Schwab SEP-99
Guojian Shan SEP-132
Jeff Shragge jshragge /at/ SEP-137
Yalei Sun
Jeff Thorson SEP-39
John Toldi SEP-43
Louis Vaillant
Alejandro Valenciano SEP-133
Lin Zhang SEP-78

More SEP alumni, friends, administrators, computers, and earthquakes

See Rick Ottolini's SEP Alumni/ae database.

Here is a pile of old photographs and pile of recent photographs (and an alphabetized index with thumbnails of the same) of lots of people who were at SEP in years gone by. If you'd like to loan us some more photos, we'll scan them in. If you are appalled to find your picture here, don't panic, we'll remove it.

If you are an alum and would like to get yourself on board please contact jon or

Alternately, if your SEP computer account is still active, login and cd to /sepwww/web/html/data/media/public/oldsep and make yourself a directory like the other alums. Then link yourself in by entering your name in alumni page.

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