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Incomplete Sections

Completed Sections

Tips and Tricks

New Pages

To make a new page (e.g.:sep:software:abc) you can either follow a broken link to this page/type http://sep2/doku.php?id=sep:software:abc in your browser and press Create this page OR from terminal you can generate a /web/html/data/pages/sep/software/abc.txt.

File Access Permissions

Note that permissions for all files and folders should be set by chmod -R 777 * and the ownership is suggested to be different than root:root.


Media including image files, pdfs, compressed files can be uploaded by Add image and other files button in wiki page editor (make sure you upload the media to the coressponding folder of the current page) or can be copied directly to /web/html/data/media/sep/XXX.

Alignments of Images

You can use blank spaces in the curly brackets to set the alignment of the image.

Right:   {{   wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}
Center:  {{   wiki:dokuwiki-128.png   }}
Left:    {{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png    }}

Non-parsed blocks

You can use tags to skip parsing the wiki. Check the examples below.

<code>   Text with code Tag   </code>
<file>   Text with file Tag   </file>
<nowiki> Text with nowiki Tag </nowiki>

Template & Layout Tricks

Also you can take a look at Arctic template discussion page.

Change the header and footer color: In /web/html/lib/tpl/arctic/style.ini

; arctic template LAYOUT-COLORS
__header_background__   = "#990000"
__footer_background__   = "#990000"

Insert a figure instead of the backlink (Top right): In /web/html/lib/tpl/arctic/main.php

- [[<?php tpl_link(wl($ID,'do=backlink'),tpl_pagetitle($ID,true))?>]]
- <?php print '<a href="' . wl() . '" title="[ALT+H]" name="dokuwiki__top" accesskey="h"><img src="' . DOKU_TPL . 'images/yourlogo.jpg" alt="' . $conf['title'] . '" /></a>'; ?> 

Change the color of sidebar and table headers: In /web/html/lib/tpl/arctic/style.ini

__text_alt__       = "#638c9c"
__background_alt__ = "#eeafaf"

Change the color of entries in sidebar: In /web/html/lib/tpl/arctic/style.ini

; these are used for links
__existing__  = "#436976"

The following modification may also work: In /web/html/lib/tpl/arctic/arctic_design.css

div.dokuwiki div.sidebar_box h1 a {
    color: #000066;

Change the width of sidebar: In /web/html/lib/tpl/arctic/arctic_design.css

- div.dokuwiki div.left_sidebar {
  float: left;
  width: 15%;
  padding: 0.2em 0.5em 0 0;
  border-right: 1px solid  __border__;

Change div.right.sidebar similarly if you have set the sidebar on the right side of the page.

Change the width of search box: In /web/html/lib/tpl/arctic/arctic_design.css

div.dokuwiki #qsearch__in {
  width: 135px; ; or 94%

Change the fontsize in the main header: In /web/html/lib/tpl/arctic/arctic_layout.css

- div.dokuwiki .logo {
  margin: 0.2em;
  font-size: 230%;

Change the headline text color: In /web/html/lib/tpl/arctic/arctic_design.css

/* general headline setup */
- div.dokuwiki a.nolink {
  /*  background:#cc3333 !important;
  color: __headline_color__ !important;

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