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* 2018 SEP affiliate meeting which took place in Santa Cruz, California, on May 21-24, 2018. (meeting agenda.)

* 2017 SEP affiliate meeting agenda which took place at Galveston, Texas (meeting agenda.)

* Our new affiliates web page is now live

* Research Videos summarizing student research

Information Resources

ABOUT SEP » Information for prospective SEP graduate students, how to contact or visit us, a list of our affiliate members, and SEP computing resources.

PEOPLE » Get to know SEP students, faculty, visitors, and staff.

RESEARCH » New and novel ideas have kept SEP at the forefront of seismic imaging since 1973. You will find a list of online SEP reports, theses, and books. Find out how we make our research results truly reproducible.

COURSES » Homepages for courses currently taught by Jon Claerbout and Biondo Biondi.

SOFTWARE » In this age, real-world scientific problems are solved on the computer. This is particularly true in seismic imaging. Learn about SEP software developed over the years, as well as external packages we use.

INTERNAL INFO » More detailed information intended for (but not limited to) SEP students.
Machine specs, Linux setup, SEP Webpage documentation.

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