Robust cluster analysis

One of the key steps in the method above is the analysis on the multidimensional scatter of attributes and properties. This analysis is behind the quality matrix, provides seismic classification, and is an important step in calculating the calibration function. Above, we used K-means cluster analysis which is roughly based on the following algorithm:

  1. Arbitrarily divide the points in the scatter to clusters. Where the number of clusters is a user parameter. For each cluster, calculate it's center of gravity and the standard deviation which is the sum of the squares of the distances of each point from the center of gravity of its cluster.
  2. Loop over the scatter points. For each point try to move it to another cluster. Recalculate the standard deviation. If it is reduced accept the move, if the standard deviation increases reject the move.
  3. Re-loop until convergence.

This algorithm can be improved.