Sheboygan Falls Memorabilia

Miss Spratt's afternoon kindergarden for the class of 1956.

Miss Spratt's morning kindergarden for the class of 1956.

Lyle Krause painted this.

Explorer troop with Frank Holden as leader built this canoe and launched it in the Falls park lagoon. Frank took this picture.
------- Left to right -------
BACK: Jim "Louie" Hilderbrand, woman, hat, woman, woman, hat, woman, man, man, Emma Melzer, Mrs. Tufts, Hank Tufts, man with kid
FRONT: Jim "Louie" Hilderbrand, Dan Melzer, Ron Jahnke, Dave Miller, Jim Pool, Robert Pool, Dan Holden, Tom Tufts, Eddy Pool, and Jon Claerbout

From the historical society.

From the historical society.

Corner building in 1942-1971 was businesses of John Claerbout, beauty parlor, clothing, furniture.
What beautiful old buildings! I'd like to get some paint around the roof-line.