Fun with Odas at the Palo Alto Zoo

Kai Oda brought his parents to our house today. Uncle Jon used to be Kai's favorite, but he has switched to Diane, probably because of all her puppet stories. We had a nice time feeding squirrels and blue jays on our back deck.

Uncle Jon gave Kai a tee shirt that he had originally purchased for Hanna at the Oshkosh Experimental Air Show but later decided it was too boyish.

Then we went out to a classic electric train exhibit at Diane's museum. The trains had activation buttons that Kai enjoyed pushing.

Then we went to the little zoo near the corner of Middlefield and Embarcadero. The zoo has a bobcat, geese and ducks, snakes, owl, racoons, ferret, turtles, trout, koi, rats.

Then we went to a playground and took a few pictures. Last we went out for ice cream.

What amazed me about Kai was how much he is talking. It seemed like he picked up about 25 new words today alone. He appreciated everything. He laughed a lot and we had a good time.