Weekend camping with Craig, Lynn, and Kai

Enjoy now, but please come back later when we get our photos. Come back later for photos!

We got the best campsite at Francis Beach on Half Moon Bay! We had a 3 million dollar view from our picnic table. Odas are just getting started with camping and have lotsa new gear. Their tent is fantastic - like three pup tents coming to focus at a central hub. They're equipped for four kids!

While they set it up this fantastic tent, Kai and I had a good time at the edge of the beach. I told Kai all about the surfers.

"Here's a big wave.
Oh, oh.
Oh, oh.
He's up. He's up!
Look at him go!
wipe out, wipe out"
We also talked about zooming kites. Later Craig bought a kite, so some more kite fun will be coming.

Kai counts to ten, knows all the colors, and talks constantly. He tells Lynn when he has to go pee pee.

Kai is quite interested in grackles.

"Look at that!
He's eating worms!
Kai corrected his father's pronunciation of "grackle". He also had quite a bit to explain to me about the sea gulls. Diane could understand Kai better than Craig or me. Sometimes I could get it and sometimes I couldn't.

Eventually, Kai got tired of boy adventure stuff with me, and he dug into the giant toy box Diane had brought along. Mostly Legos, your old ones and new ones with a dog and dog house. Diane also brought Crayola water soluble marking pens that Kai liked. Lots of people on horseback passed our campground

Craig and Lynn were busy doing the camping thing, getting a fire going preparing gourmet food, grilled skewered vegetables, charcoal grilled meat. We ate and cooked and played most the afternoon.

Kai was getting pretty excited but it was nap time for him. To give Lynn some time off, Diane put Kai in the stroller which she said would put him straight to sleep. It did. He woke up to see a field of pumpkins left over from Halloween. We thought we saw a mule but then it came over to the fence and they saw it was a South American Llama. Kai called it a "mamma lamma horsey."

While Craig and I talked about internet deals, Diane continued Kai's ride into the town and showed him off to the staff of the Half Moon Bay Library. She brought us back a treat -- a loaf of artichoke bread and some merlot. Kai came back from his stroller nap all full of energy. Craig brought a lot of firewood so we stayed up pretty late. I got up in the middle of the night and went outside for 10-15 minutes and counted 19 meteors (Leonids).

First thing Kai said when he got up in the morning was, "Where's Uncle Jon?" We broke camp and went in to the town of Half Moon Bay to our favorite bakery restaurant for breakfast.

Diane made quite a showing at the restaurant. She got out her finger puppets for the three little piggy story. Pretty soon all the kids in the restaurant were at our table. Then we strolled the main street in Half Moon Bay and Kai found a nice pinwheel. Craig bought a kite. Diane a stuffed dinosaur that Kai grew quite attached to.

Diane could carry Kai almost as long as I could. Eventually, I switched Kai to sitting up on my shoulders. Then we went to the pier at Half Moon Bay. Kai liked watching a man shelling live crabs.

Time was flying. We had more nifty places to go to -- Mavericks Beach (where the Hawaiian surfer champion got killed) but we had to save that for next time.