Designing for Television

Understand the elements of designing for television and get the tools that make the job easier.

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Getting Started

Introduction to WebTV
The place to start learning about developing for WebTV.

WebTV Development Checklist
A checklist that will help make your Web site function well on WebTV.


Download the WebTV Viewer
A tool that simulates how your site looks on television from the comfort of your PC. Read the Viewer Guide to get started.

Color Picker
Preview color combinations before putting them on your page. The Color Picker Guide will show you how you can utilize this tool.

Elements of Design

Overcome Blurry Screens With JavaScript
See how a few lines of JavaScript can compensate for the low resolution of a television screen.
Making Text Readable on Television
Ensure that your audience is able to read your page on a television screen.
Television Screen Resolution
A closer look at how television screens work and how they differ from computer monitors.
Cross-Platform Color for PCs and TVs
How to use colors that work for the PC audience as well as for the TV audience.

Avoiding Color Distortion on Television
Learn how to avoid colors that may distort on television (revised and updated).

WebTV Browser Sniffer
Get code to detect and redirect WebTV browsers.