Our biggest problem right now is solicitation. I can't emphasize this point enough - I may put you to sleep at night, wake you up in the morning, and entertain your friends when they come over for football, but all we do is sing. That's it. It's really sad, when after singing 'Let's Fall in Love', or 'I've Got a Crush On You', that some clients get the wrong idea.

I remember one fellow I worked for; he had just come out of the shower, and I was singing 'How Little We Know' for him. He got the wrong impression, and moved in to kiss me. I quickly switched to 'I'm a Fool to Want You', but that just seemed to encourage him more. Thankfully I was able to belt out 'Get Back on the Bus' before things got too out of control. Don't get me wrong - I love my job; it just helps to have a deep repertoire. And no, I don't mean it like that.

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