You guys should read The Weekly World News

You guys should read The Weekly World News

as retold by Joster's Popster

Joster's opinion of the Men's Room at WebTV was that it was pretty embarassing. There you would be, standing at the urinal, and your boss (or one of the company founders) would walk up beside you. Well, what are you supposed to do ...

  1. turn away and pretend you didn't notice?
  2. stare straight ahead at the wall and say nothing?
  3. or should you turn toward him, smile, and strike up a conversation?

To Jos, the solution to this dilemma was immediately clear. You need something to concentrate on, something on the wall to read. But what? Obviously, a newspaper clipping of about the length as a pee. But which newspaper?

Those people like me, stuck with telling this story, have spent a lifetime avoiding such newspapers as The National Enquirer and The Weekly World News with headlines like "Princess Diana secretly engaged to Elvis on Mars."

But, from an early age, Jos's mind was open to everything. In middle school (8th grade), Jos and his friend Tyler Dierks wrote their own parody of this genre, The Sleaze Weekly.

Back at WebTV, from time to time, somebody important might walk in just when you are posting the clipping. Then you say:

Jos was buried three days after he died, before any news announcement of his funeral. Never-the-less, the funeral home was overflowing with more than 300 people, many of them his friends and acquaintances from work. All arrived to find the benches decorated with copies of covers of the Weekly World News. It might seem a sacrilege, but they knew that Jos would cheer. He would want everyone to smile. If anyone caught them posting those covers on the pews, they could say,

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