The internet is a curious place. Through high technology, the ancient human art of storytelling has been reborn. Perhaps in no other genre are the new storytellers more prevalent than in the world of the "Ate my Balls" pages. Click here to learn more about this incredible phenomenon.

Tasteless, low, vaguely homoerotic, but always laugh-out-loud funny, the "Ate my Balls" pages have taken the web by storm, originating with "Mr. T. Ate my Balls", which was followed by hundreds of others, including "Yoda Ate my Balls" and "Bill Gates Bought Our Balls". Perhaps never before in history has such an outpouring of effort been focused on something so, well, stupid.

You may ask why I bore you with with this history. Well, as you know, the past is prologue. It is now necessary to take the next step.

But before you go, I want to say one thing.

I really like my job.

Take the next step