Dear Jos,

Mother and I are delighted by your accomplishments in Washington. You have found a niche for yourself and have done some very meaningful work. You can leave Washington with a sense of accomplishment. We think your teaching will be very well received back at Pomona and you will find that teaching is another of your many talents. Last year you were really directed, energetically pursuing realistic goals. Now we are wondering how much of that energy has been diverted to the massage table?

I remember your aspiration to work for GAO. This is a marvelous aspiration. That job is like science or engineering, but maybe better. Congress aspires to an innovative scheme, everything from welfare to military to medicine. Then they want to know if it is working so they ask the GAO. Seems to me like a fascinating job, not just looking at budgets, but going out on the field visits. Like investigative reporting, something you have gotten a great start on. It is hard to imagine a job with more importance to society, measuring the gap between theory and practice saving society from all kinds of frustrating nonsense. You haven't said much about your GAO aspiration lately and I hope you are not letting it slip away. Are you still interested in the GAO and have you discussed with your teachers whether it fits your interests and skills?

The undergraduate years of your life are a great time. Tempus fugit! Time flies. It is almost over. Six or seven more months, two in Washington. In coming to Washington you approached your GAO dream, but now you are passing it by. It will never be easier to reach out towards than now. Much as Mother and I would love to have you home in mid December, is there anything more of value that you can do while you are there?

I am concerned about you taking so much of your spare time now on a massage table. It is consuming your valuable resources (and ours). Why not pick up the massage again after May? I urge you to take next few months very seriously, exploiting all your college can offer.

Might you not be interested in returning to Washington after you graduate? Now is a good time to see what doors you can open.

Love, Dad