Here are links to some of my photo albums at Google Photos

Many of my photos have captions. Annoyingly, Google Photos does a good job of hiding them depending on how you enter, both your hardware entry and the choice you'll make among the next two:
The best way
Click on the first picture. The "Info" column on the right has too much info and wastes space. X it away. Move your mouse to the lower left corner over the caption and keep it there. Advance frames with arrow keys or the "return" key or the "backspace" key. Sometime very likely you will choose "Fullscreen" among your window options.
Not the best way.
The icon of three vertically stacked dots is a menu. It's top item is Slideshow. Select it and slides will change automatically but I don't find any captions.
Make a choice among the links below. I really should organize them somehow, but how? Maybe I'll organize from my favorites. I really should organize from your favotites!

Our 50th wedding anniversary
A cruise didn't work out so we went to a Disney resort on Oahu for a couple days and followed up touring Oahu with the Powers gang.
Singapore to HongKong with Hanna
We should have had more cruises and more trips with the girls like we did with the boys.
David Ostrowsky visits us in Maui
We drive around the island visiting the spectacular garden of my friend Marco Einaudi.
Leo goes to Italy
A guided bus trip. Diane doesn't care for guided bus trips but I'm astounded at all they packed in for us in about two weeks. I have another album with twice as many photos of this trip. Wish we could have had the girls in Italy!
Leo in London in 2013
The first day in Montreal with those we left behind. London was grand. Harry Potter studios was the highlight. Wish we could have had the girls in London!
Jigsaw puzzles we have done
Wish we could do one with you!
Huck to Boston and Plymouth
to see how Jonathan and Kathleen live, to see the sights of Boston and MIT, and to see how the Pilgrims might have lived in Plymouth. Also play in Richmond park and Richmond Forest School in their forest.
In 2017 we took Huck to Mexico
A guided trip by Road Scholar enabled Huck to swim with whale sharks, sightsee Incan ruins, swim in cenotes, zip-line, and snorkel. When we told him we'd be phoning his mother we also had tell him he must not say, "The best day of my life!"
Jon goes to Burning Man Festival
You Powers and Ishii Claerbouts have never seen anything like this. Grammy hasn't either.
Jon's 2004 summer in Alaska.
10,000 miles is not so many. That's only 100 miles/day for 100 days. Diane joined me a couple weeks. Find also two videos on the video page, links named "2004-JonsAlaska part 1-2."
Jon's biking club.
A couple photos added per week. Watch Jon get fatter as you go back in time!
Our first cruise
in the Meditteranean on the big new ship Oasis of the Seas. We were thrilled
2012 was a glorious year
Here are the miscellaneous photos from it.
A trip to Iceland
Hosted by former student Einar Kjartansson. With 4WD vehicles we journey the island me receiving a running tour of volcanos and glaciers.
Nory Claerbout
Here are about 300 photos I have of my mother. Zillions more are scattered around.
Andrew begins building a duplex
I spend an autumn month nearby.
Andrew finishes building the duplex
A year later he finishes it while I live the final month in one of its bedrooms. Diane joins a few days for sightseeing and the 4th of July parade. Then she and I take Roy on a guided trip to Florida's Universal Studios featuring Harry Potter.
Meet my MIT classmates in Bozeman, Montana in 2018
Before and after this trip we travel with the Fairborns going through Glacier National Park (forest fires blocked us from the heights) and through Yellowtone Park flying home from Cody, Wyoming.