Biondo Biondi's Recent Talks

Note about the presentations posted on this page
I post here a semi-random collaction of recent talks I recentlty gave. Unfortunately, because of restrictions related to the proprietary nature of several seismic data sets, I had to remove many images from the presentations before posting them in the public domain.


Paul Sava and Biondo Biondi * PDF
Wave-Equation Migration Velocity Analysis: presented at EAGE Workshop on Velocity, Paris, June 2004.

Biondo Biondi * PDF
Imaging of complex structures by 3-D reflection seismic data: presented at IPRPI Workshop on Geophysical Imaging, Troy, N.Y., January 2004.


Biondo Biondi * PDF
Wavefield continuation Angle Domain Common Image Gathers for Migration Vlocity Analysis: presented at 2003 SEG: Dallas, TX., October 2003.