Inversion to Zero Offset North Sea Data Example (courtesy of Geco-Prakla)

Acquisition Geometry

Wide tow data with four streamers and two alternating shots. The nominal cross-line spacing is 25 meters, however, cross line dipping reflectors and diffractions require denser sampling. Therefor the data were processed with 12.5 by 12.5 meter bins. For AVO analysis, the data were processed in offset bands. Here we show one offset band of 1000 to 1500 meters. Cable feathering in opposite directions between adjacent passes create a coverage gap.

Midpoint map colored by pass

In addition to that, to simulate reduced in-fill, the data of one streamer were dropped.

Midpoint map colored to highlight dropped data (red)

Fold maps: original (left) and decimated (right)


3-D (Volren) view DMO (left) and IZO (right) (data courtesy of Geco-Prakla)

Cross line section (data courtesy of Geco-Prakla)

Time slice at 1668 msec (data courtesy of Geco-Prakla)

Time slice at 1412 msec (data courtesy of Geco-Prakla)