Java Make Rules

This is entirly out-of-date. Comment:
out.H : in.H TVDecon.class
        ${JAVAX} joel.tdf.TVDecon in=in.H out=out.H filtSize=8
Does this make out.H depend on correctly?

make out.H results in first running javac and then java TVDecon. How can we appropriately make out.H depend on TVDecon.class being up to date?

In, there is a variable PACKAGE which has the name of the package calculated from a pwd relative to a specified directory, BASEDIR (currently */sep/matt/sep/). PACKAGE is used by the javadoc make rules and can be useful elsewhere. Is this variable dangerous/unwieldy?

The FORCE target does not seem to work as desired in the %.class rule. We would like javac to always be invoked, but this does not currently occur. (We would also like javac to only remake the .class file if it is actually out of date. Is there a way to get this functionality?)

Include the current as an Appendix.