How to write well

  • Enjoy writing, creating, playing with thoughts!
  • It is difficult to write well.
  • Always write, however! Write 1 hour every day! It clarifies your thought process, simplifies your problem.
  • Finally, make your writing enjoyable to read (informal comments, comments, and examples)!
  • Here are the basics:
    1. Draft:Write down everything
    2. Write:Formulate what you know. Put into comments and notes what you do not know (remaining questions, insights, informal statements).
    3. Review:Improve later.
    For a great reference see "life skills for engineers and leadership" by Goldberg (makes you want to be an engineer).




    How to write an Introduction

    Why should anyone read this? Background information to allow readers to understand and evaluate paper's results. (From Geophysics Instructions to Authors)

    How to write an Abstract

    (From Geophysics Instructions to Authors)