Acrobat and PDF


For more details look at the installation file /wrkko1/acrotat/INSTGUID.TXT or the official pdf on-line documentation.


  1. Download acrobat from Adobe into a local directory, e.g. /wrkko1/acrobat.
  2. Create the installation directory, e.g. /wrkko1/Acrobat3.
  3. Execute the installation script:
        % cd /wrkko1/acrobat 
        % ./INSTALL 
  4. The script will prompt you for the installation directory /wrkko1/Acrobat3.
  5. Link the acroread command to a standard executable directory:
        % ln -s /wrkko1/Acrobat3/bin/acroread /usr/local/bin/acroread
  6. Rehash
  7. Set the browser helper application:
    • find Options menu
    • choose general preference menu
    • choose helpers
    • select application/pdf and edit /usr/local/bin/acroread %s
  8. Remove the stuff that you downloaded: /bin/rm -rf /wrkko1/acrobat


  1. Enter the following commands to remove Reader from the installation directory:
        % cd /wrkko1/Acrobat3 
        % rm -rf Reader
        % rm bin/acroread
    Or remove the entire installation directory
        % rm -rf /wrkko1/Acrobat3
  2. To remove the symbolic link to the launch script, delete the file /usr/local/bin/acroread:
        % cd /usr/local/bin
        % rm acroread
  3. Reset your netscape helper function: