Paranormal thoughts and links

OK, maybe I'm a little weird, but I do like reading and hearing ghost stories. After all, who hasn't huddled together with a bunch of friends and tried to scare each other? Who hasn't walked past a mirror at night and been afraid to look in it? Who hasn't scared him/herself silly while home alone during a stormy evening?

Of course, those examples are all caused by our own imaginations. Many of the ghost stories I've heard probably could be explained away in the light of day. But personally, I think that there are spirits among us - and they like to think that they are causing ghost stories to be told ...


The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings This is my favorite ghost page. Over 1400 true stories, plus instructions on doing your own ghost hunt, haunted places, famous hauntings, and links. It's usually updated on the first of every month.

Obiwan's UFO-free Paranormal Page More true ghost stories, haunted places, and links.

Castle of Spirits Lots of ghost stories and links from Down Under.

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