Angle-dependent reflectivity by wavefront synthesis imaging

Jun Ji

Elsewhere in this report, Ji and Palacharla (1994) show the difficulty of obtaining angle-dependent reflectivities by conventional prestack methods such as profile imaging. Imaging by wavefront synthesis is a good alternative to achieve such a goal. One of the wavefront synthesis methods is controlled illumination (Rietveld and Berkhout, 1992; Berkhout, 1992). This method consists of two steps, areal shot record synthesis and areal shot record migration. Angle-dependent reflectivity images can be obtained by combining the field shot records in such a way that the related areal source wave field has a predefined shape, like a constant ray parameter or a constant incidence angle at the target depth level. I tested the algorithm with the Marmousi data.

SEP-report, vol.80, 491-498 (1994).

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