Anisotropic Velocity Analysis

Jun Ji

A new approach of the approximation for the ray velocity curve of transversely i sotropic media is presented and the meaning of the anelliptic term is examined f or the two approximations which were previously introduced by Muir (1985) and Byun et al. (1989).

Compared with stacking velocity obtained by simple hyperbolic velocity analysis , the additional parameters estimated by the non-hyperbolic method contain more ph ysically meaningful geologic information regarding the anisotropy of the subsurf ace.

Synthetic {\P}-wave model experiments demonstrate that the non-hyperbolic moveou t formulas yield an excellent fit to time-distance curves over a wide range of r ay angles. Consequently, the measurement parameters are shown to reflect adequately the cha racteristics of velocity dependence on ray angle i.e. velocity anisotropy.

SEP-report, vol.65, 261-270, (1989).

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