List of Gopal Palacharla's SEP report publications

+ J. L. Black, D. Bevc, M. A. Brzostowski, Le-Wei Mo, G. Palacharla, Plumes: Response of time migration to lateral velocity variation sep.75.21
+ J. L. Black, D. Bevc, G. Palacharla, Migration velocity dependence of plumes sep.75.37
+ G. Palacharla, Circularly symmetric filters using McClellan transformation sep.77.391
+ B. Biondi, G. Palacharla, 3-D wavefield depth extrapolation by rotated McClellan filters sep.77.27
+ G. Palacharla, B. Biondi 3-D Hale-McClellan migration: A salt intrusion example sep.79.95
+ L. Teng, G. Palacharla Four-pass technique for 3-D omega-x-y migration sep.79.145
+ B. Biondi and G. Palacharla 3-D prestack migration of common-azimuth data sep.80.109
+ D. Nichols and G. Palacharla Band-limited Green's functions in 3-D sep.80.17
+ J. Ji and G. Palacharla Angle dependent reflectivity by profile imaging sep.80.323
+ Francois Audebert, D. Bevc, B. Biondi, D. Lumley, D. Nichols, G. Palacharla, Thorbjorn Rekdal, and H. Urdaneta, Review of traveltime computation methods sep.80.25
+ G. Palacharla Migration from a non-flat datum via reverse-time extrapolation sep.84.39
+ B. Biondi and G. Palacharla 3-D prestack depth migration of common-azimuth data sep.84.19