vplot research movies:

If you have Xwindows, you can try to view these vplot movies. You might have to be sitting at the Xserver for this to work.

Imaging under rugged topography:

+ Comparison of velocity analysis for a gather with significant topography after elevation statics and wave-equation datuming.

+ Here is a comparison of Canadian overthrust data migrated after statics and after wave-equation datuming.

Imaging complex structure with first-arrival traveltimes:

+ Marmousi synthetic example of standard migration, and my method. Clic here to see how the image is made. To understand why layer-stripping migration works so well, take a look at a comparison of the acoustic wavefield with first arrival traveltime contours. Here is a slightly different source position.

Plumes: Response of time migration to lateral velocity variations:

+ Impulse response of depth modeling followed by time migration in the presence of lateral velocity variation. The frames go from undermigrated, to overmigrated.

+ First order theory of plume formation.

Anti-aliased Kirchhoff migration:

+ Near-offset section, standard migration, anti-aliased migration

+ Gulf of Mexico near-offset: apperture limited and anti-aliased migration.

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