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I completed my Ph.D. in the summer of 1995. My thesis is SEP report number 87.

I am now at 3DGeo Development Inc. in Mountain View. You can send me e-mail at dimitri@3dgeo.com.

/====== Imaging in areas of rugged topography and complex velocity structure presents many challenges. I have developed an efficient layer-stripping Kirchhoff migration algorithm that produces excellent imaging results using first-arrival traveltimes. Applying wave-equation datuming early in the processing flow for land data with rugged topography results in improved imaging.

Other interesting imaging issues I've worked on at SEP include anti-aliased migration operators , and work towards designing a ``remedial depth migration'' operator which properly maps time migrated data to depth.

Find out more about my work at SEP by checking out my publications and research movies.

+ Brief biography
+ Resume (35K postscript)
+ Ph.D. Thesis: Imaging under rugged topography and complex velocity structure.
+ List of publications
+ Preprint of Imaging complex structures with semi-recursive Kirchhoff migration. (1.7 Meg compressed postscript)
+ Preprint of Flooding the topography: Wave-equation redatuming of land data with rugged acquisition topography. (7.5 Meg compressed postscript)
+ Reprint of Plumes: Response of time migration to lateral velocity variation. (0.5 Meg compressed postscript)
+ Menu of research movies.

+ Stanford Exploration Project home page.

Tel: (415) 723-1250, Email: dimitri@sep.stanford.edu

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