4-D Seismic Fluid-Flow Monitoring:

+ Best Paper, SPIE '94, "4-D seismic monitoring of reservoir fluid-flow processes."

+ Outstanding Paper, SEG '94, "Seismic monitoring of oil production: A feasibility study."

+ Steamflood time-slice movie of two 3-D migrated seismic data cubes taken before and after 3 months of steam injection. The left panel shows time slices of increasing pseudodepth in the 3-D migrated survey taken before steam injection. The right panel shows the same time slices as the left panel, except of migrated data recorded after 3 months of steam injection. The time of the slice is annotated in the lower left corner. Note that the surveys are fairly "repeatable" above the reservoir zone, and that the well location and steam disk can be seen in the center of the right panel at and below reservoir depth (about 0.160 seconds).

+ A 3-D migrated seismic data cube over a steam injection pattern. The top panel is a time slice at the depth of steam injection, the front panel is a cross-section through the center of the pattern. The steam zone is the red disk in the center of the time slice with a diameter of about 50m after 3 months of steam injection. The vertical stripe in the center of the cross-section is the heated borehole casing of the steam injection well, imaged with an amazing 2-pixel resolution. The dark "channel meanders" in the time slice which flow from left to right are related to an exciting seismic/fluid-flow phenomenon that may prove to be a major research breakthrough. Stay tuned for upcoming published results! :')

Copyright © 1994 by David E. Lumley; david@sep.stanford.edu

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