David E. Lumley is currently a Senior Staff Research Scientist and Technical Leader of the 4D Seismic Reservoir Monitoring Team at Chevron Petroleum Technology in La Habra, CA; and a Consulting Associate Professor with the Stanford Exploration Project at Stanford University. David serves as an Associate Editor (1995-) for Geophysics journal, and has been selected as a Distinguished Lecturer (1998-99) for the Society of of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

David received a BSc (1986) and MSc (1989) from the University of British Columbia, and a PhD (1995) from Stanford University, all in Geophysics. David is a recipient of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Karcher Award (1996) as an Outstanding Young Scientist for his research contributions to 3D seismic inversion for elastic properties and time-lapse seismic monitoring of subsurface fluid flow. Recently, he received the SEG Best Paper Award (1997) with co-authors Ron Behrens and Zhijing Wang, in addition to the Best Paper Award at the SPIE Mathematical Methods in Geophysical Imaging Conference (1994), and the Best Paper in the SEG Student Technical Paper Competition (1989).

David's industry experience includes working as a marine seismic crew leader with Western Geophysical in the Gulf of Mexico and North Atlantic, and research lab terms with Mobil Oil and ARCO. He currently leads Chevron's research efforts in time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring of fluid flow. David's current research interests include practical methods for 3D seismic inversion and estimation of elastic properties, and 4D (time-lapse 3D) seismic monitoring of subsurface fluid flow, for both petroleum industry reservoir monitoring and non-industry crustal fluid-flow applications. David is a member of the AGU, EAEG, SEG and SPE.