Amplitude-preserved multiple suppression.

+ Amplitude-preserved multiple-suppression. Left panel is an unprocessed Mobil CMP gather from the Viking Graben, offshore Norway. Center panel is our multiple suppressed version. Right panel is the estimated and removed multiples. Note that the top reservoir reflection at 2.1 sec has the correct AVO response (increasing with offset), the lower reservoir at 2.6 sec the correct but different AVO response (absolute amplitude decreasing with offset), and the remaining non-hydrocarbon-bearing reflections have fairly constant AVO, all as expected from well logs near this location. Also note that the estimated multiples contain the characteristic radial interference pattern controlled by water depth and source length, whereas the estimated primary reflections do not contain this interference pattern, as expected. (Lumley, Nichols, & Rekdal, SEG 1994).

Copyright © 1994 by David E. Lumley; david@sep.stanford.edu

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