Anti-aliased Kirchhoff 3-D migration: A salt intrusion example.

+ Outstanding Paper, SEG'94, "Anti-aliased Kirchhoff 3-D migration".

+ A comparison of Kirchhoff migration depth slices using: an industry-standard conventional method (left panel), and our new anti-aliased migration method (right panel). (Lumley, Claerbout & Bevc, SEG 1994).

+ A movie of 3-D migrated depth slices through a salt intrusion created using my anti-aliased Kirchhoff 3-D migration code on the Connection Machine CM-5. The depth of each slice is annotated in the lower left corner of each frame. Note that the top of the salt feature (peninsula-shaped) pokes its head through the sediments at about 1.45 km depth. Note the outward expanding ripples of sediment pushed upward and outward by the rising motion of the salt body. Also note the large lateral throw faults at about 1.70 km depth in the bright reflector that rings the salt intrusion. In the lower left corner, some vertical salt-filled faults appear to bound a block of steeply dipping sediments.

Copyright © 1994 by David E. Lumley, david@sep.stanford.edu

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