Interpolation with prediction-error filters
My research involves the interpolation of data, meaning that we generate data that we have not recorded by using the data that we currently have.
In geophysics, we are often plagued with not having enough data, even though modern reflection seismic surveys can generate terabytes of data.
Also, when acquiring data we cannot record data on a regular spatial grid for many reasons, such as surface obstacles and ocean currents. However, many algorithms that are used to create an subsurface image of the earth require regular sampling of data.
A lot of the theory behind the research I do is detailed here, on the website of my advisor, Jon Claerbout.
Professional Organizations
You can find my recent research (SEP reports, submitted abstracts, etc.) by searching for Curry on the SEP search website.
You can also view recent presentations I have made by going to the podcast section of my site.
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