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program testmain{
use sep_f90_lib_mod
implicit none
type(sep_90),pointer	:: d1,m1
integer,dimension(:),pointer		:: n
real,dimension(:),pointer		:: o,d
character(len=128),dimension(:),pointer :: label

call initpar() call init_vars(d1,m1) !initialize the SEP90 variables

!read in the data, ignore any gridding information call sep_reed('in',d1,usegrid=.false.)

!-construct a model space allocate(n(3),o(3),d(3),label(3)) n=(/1,50,150/) o=(/0.,-112.849998,-16.012501/) d=(/1.,.001,.000250/) label(1)='trace';label(2)='sx';label(3)='sy' call create_sep(m1,n,o,d,label,new_var=.true.)

!create the opperator call init_linear_interp2d(m1,d1,'sx','sy') !perform linear interpolation call linear_interp2d(.true.,m1,d1) !write out the data call sep_rite("out",m1) !write out the = number of traces call finish_tags() }

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