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Java Version

import browser.*;
import awt.*;
import java.lang.*;
import net.*;
class FrogPond extends Applet {

/* This is the version running on the Frog Pond Benchmark page */ float now [][]; /* arrays for calculating raster values */ float old [][]; float neww [][]; float laplacian[][]; float sum [][]; int numButtons=10; int selectedButton; int drawStatus=0; int newheight=200; /* display size */ int newwidth=200; final int height=50; /* calculation matrix size */ final int width=50; float velocity; float viscosity; int pclip; /*the clip percentage: any value in the calculation matrix that is at or above this percentile or at or below 100-this percentile will be assigned the maximum or minimum value, respectively*/ int status; int click; boolean rmode=true; /* is random mode on? */ boolean painted=false; /* is pond finished painting? */ boolean up=false; /* has user just clicked on the applet? */ boolean newFrog=false; /* will the frog be moving this frame? */ boolean firstFrog=true; boolean firstClick=true; int curX; int curY; int nextX; int nextY; int frogX; int frogY; int fpd=1; /* frames of calculation per pond update */ int fnum=0; boolean clicked=false; Image frogImg; ImageMaker imgmkr; RButton[] buttons=new RButton[numButtons]; long startTime; long pauseTime; long pauseStartTime; long paintTime; long paintStartTime; BarGraph graph; float fPerS=0.0;

public void init() { int i; int j; now=new float[width][height]; neww=new float[width][height]; old=new float[width][height]; laplacian=new float[width][height]; sum=new float[width][height]; resize(550,480); fnum=0; pauseTime=0; rmode=true; velocity=.20; viscosity=.15; pclip=100; click=0; status=1; curX=-1; curY=-1; frogImg=getImage("images/frog.gif"); for(i=0;i<width; i++) { for(j=0;j<height;j++) { now[i][j]=0; old[i][j]=0; neww[i][j]=0; } } imgmkr=new ImageMaker(width,height,newwidth,newheight,neww, pclip); imgmkr.makeImage(); makeButtons(); makeGraph(); nextX=(int)(width*Math.random()); nextY=(int)(height*Math.random()); startTime=System.currentTimeMillis(); }

public void paint (Graphics g) { g.drawImage(imgmkr.img, 0, 0); for(int i=0;i<numButtons;i++) buttons[i].drawUp(g); updateStats(g); graph.drawLabels(g); painted=true; }

/* The update method is used so the applet display will be updated * throughout the execution of the applet, not just at its termination */ public void update (Graphics g) { switch(drawStatus) { case 0: updatePond(g);painted=true; newFrog=false; break; case 1: painted=true; buttons[selectedButton].drawDown(g); painted=true; break; case 2: buttons[selectedButton].drawUp(g); painted=true; break; case 3: updateStats(g);painted=true; break; case 4: updateGraph(g);break; } painted=true; } public final void updatePond(Graphics g){ paintStartTime=System.currentTimeMillis(); imgmkr=new ImageMaker(width,height,newwidth, newheight,neww,pclip); imgmkr.oldras=neww; /* create the image */ imgmkr.pclip=pclip; imgmkr.makeImage(); if(newFrog){ //find new frog location int fx=(int)(frogX*width/newwidth); int fy=(int)(frogY*height/newheight); if(neww[fx][fy]<=0)g.setForeground(; if(neww[fx][fy]>0)g.setForeground(Color.white);

g.fillRect(frogX,frogY,37,28); g.setForeground(; if(firstFrog){pclip=99; firstFrog=false;} } g.drawImage(imgmkr.img,0,0); frogX=(int)(nextX*newwidth /width -19); frogY=(int)(nextY*newheight/height-14);

/* if frog overlaps edge of pond, reposition him so he doesn't */

if(frogX>newwidth -37)frogX=newwidth -37; if(frogY>newheight-28)frogY=newheight-28; if(frogX<0)frogX=0; if(frogY<0)frogY=0; if(curX!=-1)g.drawImage(frogImg,frogX,frogY); g.clearRect(405,270,150,115); int len=405+g.drawStringWidth("Frames/sec: ",405,290); long msecs=System.currentTimeMillis()-startTime-pauseTime; fPerS=(float)(1000*fnum)/msecs; g.drawStringWidth(Float.toString(fPerS), len,290); len= 405+g.drawStringWidth("Frame #: ", 405,315); g.drawStringWidth(Integer.toString(fnum), len,315); } public final void updateStats(Graphics g){ int totalLen; g.clearRect(0,400,550,40); totalLen=g.drawStringWidth("XSize: ", 0, 410); totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth(Integer.toString(newwidth), totalLen,410); totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth(" YSize: " , totalLen,410); totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth(Integer.toString(newheight), totalLen,410); totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth(" Status: ",totalLen,410); switch(status){ case 1:totalLen+= g.drawStringWidth("running", totalLen,410);break; case 2: totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth("finished", totalLen,410);break; case 3:totalLen+= g.drawStringWidth("paused", totalLen,410);break; } totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth(" Random: " ,totalLen, 410); if(rmode) totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth("on", totalLen, 410); else totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth("off", totalLen, 410); totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth(" Frame Skip: ", totalLen, 410); totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth(Integer.toString(fpd-1), totalLen, 410); totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth(" Clip %: ", totalLen, 410); totalLen+=g.drawStringWidth(Float.toString(pclip), totalLen,410); painted=true; }

public final void updateGraph(Graphics g){ graph.draw(g,fPerS); } public final void makeButtons(){

buttons[0]=new RButton(405,0 ,30,20,"pause" ,, null,,null,true); buttons[1]=new RButton(405,55 ,30,20,"stop" ,, null,,null,true); buttons[2]=new RButton(405,110,30,20,"clip +1%",Color.cyan, null,,null,true); buttons[3]=new RButton(465,55 ,30,20,"random" ,, null,,null,true); buttons[4]=new RButton(465,0 ,30,20,"reset" ,, null,,null,true); buttons[5]=new RButton(465,110,30,20,"clip -1%",Color.cyan, null,,null,true); buttons[6]=new RButton(405,165,30,20,"fskip+" ,, null,,null,true); buttons[7]=new RButton(465,165,30,20,"fskip-" ,, null,,null,true); buttons[8]=new RButton(405,210,30,20,"enlarge" ,Color.magenta, null,,null,true); buttons[9]=new RButton(465,210,30,20,"reduce" ,Color.magenta, null,,null,true); }

public final void makeGraph(){ String labels[]=new String[3]; labels[0]="Macintosh"; labels[1]="Sun Solaris"; labels[2]="Cray"; graph=new BarGraph(30,440,450,20,0.0,2.0,3,labels); }

public void mouseUp(int x, int y){

int temp=drawStatus;

if(x<newheight && y<newwidth){ /* user has clicked on pond*/ if(!clicked)firstClick=true; clicked=true; click=1; rmode=false; newFrog=true; curX=nextX; curY=nextY; nextX=(int)(x*width /newwidth); nextY=(int)(y*height/newheight); } else { /* see if user has hit a button */ for(int i=0;i<numButtons;i++){ if(buttons[i].selected(x,y)) selectedButton=i; up=true; } } } public final void handleMouseUp() {

up=false; drawStatus=1; /* draw button down */ repaint(); drawStatus=2; /* draw button up */ repaint(); doButtonEvent(); }

public final void doButtonEvent() { drawStatus=3; switch(selectedButton) { case 0: if(status==3){status=1;break;}status=3; break; case 1: status=2; break; case 2: if(pclip<100)pclip+=1; break; case 3: rmode= !rmode; break; case 4: init(); break; case 5: if(pclip>6) pclip-=1; break; case 6: if(fpd<39) fpd++; break; case 7: if(fpd>1 ) fpd-; break; case 8: if(newheight<390){ newheight+=10; newwidth+=10;} break; case 9: if(newheight>10){ newheight-=10; newwidth-=10;} break; } repaint(); }

public final void calcValues() {

int i,j;

for(i=0;i<width ;i++){ for(j=0;j<height;j++){ sum[i][j]=now[i][j]-viscosity * old[i][j]; } } for(i=1;i<width-1 ;i++){ for(j=1;j<height-1;j++){ laplacian[i][j]= sum[i-1][j]-2*sum[i][j ] + sum[i+1][j]+ sum[i][j-1] - 2*sum[i ][j]+ sum[i][j+1]; } } for(i=1;i<width-1 ;i++){ for(j=1;j<height-1;j++){ neww[i][j]=-old[i][j]+2*now[i][j]+velocity* laplacian[i][j]; } } }

public final void resetArrays(){

int i,j;

for(i=0;i<width;i++){ for(j=0;j<height;j++){ old[i][j]=now[i][j]; } } for(i=0;i<width;i++){ for(j=0;j<height;j++){ now[i][j]=neww[i][j]; } } for(i=0;i<width;i++){ for(j=0;j<height;j++){ neww[i][j]=0; } } }

public final void randomToss(){ curX=nextX; curY=nextY; nextX=(int)(width*Math.random()); nextY=(int)(height*Math.random()); now[curX][curY]+=1; /* frog has jumped, start wave */ newFrog=true; } public void start (){

int p=0;

while(status==1||status==3){ if(status==3)while(status==3){ checkMouse(); if(p==0)pauseStartTime= System.currentTimeMillis(); p=1; } if(p==1)pauseTime=(System.currentTimeMillis() -pauseStartTime); p=0; checkMouse(); if(click==1){ now[curX][curY]+=1; // drop stone where click=0; // user clicked } if((rmode)&&(fnum)%10==0)randomToss(); calcValues();// calculate new values fnum++; if(firstClick){ drawStatus=3; repaint(); //so display will say firstClick=false; //random is off } if((fnum%10)==0){ drawStatus=4; repaint(); } drawStatus=0; if((fnum%fpd)==0){ painted=false; repaint(); while(!painted){} /*make sure its finished */ } resetArrays(); } stop(); /*so Hotjava doesn't crash*/ } final public void checkMouse(){ if(up)handleMouseUp(); } }

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