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Martin Karrenbach

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This SEP report will be online. The basic structure of the report is very simple with a minimum of requirements to the authors. Each paper in this report lives in its own directory. That directory contains everything which is needed to regenerate the entire paper. This handout is designed to outline the organization to the authors.

This is the second report we will have online. Everybody can read it on their workstations by typing SEP72. The components of this report exist on /r2/sep72 (actually it is a symbolic link to /scr6/sep72). This document outlines the organization and location of the papers which contribute to the report, it exists as /r2/sep72/Adm/instructions.tex. You can view it, by going to /r2/sep72/Adm and typing cake instructions.

The directory /r2/sep72 consists of paper directories and the directory Adm. Each paper has its own directory!. The Adm directory contains the report file and administrative files (shells and Cakefile). Each author is responsible for his own paper directory.

The next paragraph describes the structure of a paper directory and is mandatory for all authors. We will check the compliance with our minimum set of requirements and authors who dare to be different, will have to contribute ``voluntarily'' an undisclosed giant amount to the Friday Beer Fund.

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