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Book additions preface

Jon F. Claerbout

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Additions to my third book in preparation include (1) a picking algorithm based on the operator $\partial_x-p\partial_t$,(2) examples and code for a missing data program, (3) prediction-error filter estimation along with missing data estimation, (4) discussion of trace interpolation beyond aliasing as an optimization problem, and (5) a pixel-precise method of velocity computation.

A tentative title for the book I am preparing is ``EARTH SOUNDINGS ANALYSIS: Recognizing the conjugates of physical processes and using them for model building by the conjugate-gradient method''. I hope to complete the book in 1991.

The material presented here is mostly new research results. The disguise as tutorial material arises from the book-style word processing that I found expedicious and the care I have taken in presentation.

I believe that all sponsors whose business involves them with production seismic data processing should evaluate the vspray() velocity analysis program included herein.

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